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Windows cleanup and optimization services

Virus/Spyware scanning and removal

Computer and Network Design

Regular Maintenance

To keep all your valuable devices in tip top shape, regular maintenance is a must and due to complexity of said devices, we recommend they be serviced strictly by professionals.

Keep it Clean

General maintenance and cleaning is a must for desktops/laptops and should be carried out by a professional at least every 6 months.

Slow Downs

Computers tend to slow down overtime, for a few reasons, mostly likely is due to overheating / windows getting bogged down or spyware/viruses.

Issues are cumulative

If not taken care of promptly issues can become cumulative until the system not longer functions and more drastic measures are needed.

Antivirus and Antispyware Detections and Removal

We have a dedicated team of technicians that stay on top of the almost daily release of these nastys to make sure your computer / tablet or phone are not adversely affected .

Take Notice
Always keep an eye on strange things happening to your devices, usual it will be something small like a browser closing or a window closing with you are navigating around windows.
Act Quickly
The sooner you take action the better it usually is. Don’t wait until it snowballs or your system could become unresponsive and more drastic courses of action are required.
Be Vigilant
Even when your devices are cleaned and seem to be operating normally always to an eye out for strange things, this could be a precursor to something more sinister

Computer and Network Design

Our Workshop technicians maintain almost “clean room” standards when building and maintaining computer equipment for our customers, we also design all your custom setup needs.

Only the best will do
You don’t necessarily need to spend allot to get the highest quality equipment, some of the best and most robust gear is also very affordable.
Plan ahead
It is always a good idea to plan ahead on what you think you may need and for what purpose the equipment is being used for, this pre planning can save you allot a headaches down the track and will also save you allot of money to.
Ask for help
if you are unsure, ask one of our staff. They will always be more than happy to answer any questions IT related and will give you the best advice on any of your IT needs.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

24/7 one of our helpful staff is available to help you in all aspects of your business operation, we can be reached via our Freecall 1800 number along with our live support feature on our main website that our operators are ready to chat to you LIVE or you can email us at your leisure should a question/query or request not need an emergency response.

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What People Are Saying

Ausacorp has been invaluable to my web business keeping my web applications secure, updated, and monitored. The amount of cyber attacks they catch before they can happen is amazing!

Jeremiah B

Ausacorp is very helpful, explains things in layman terms about our church website, always prompt service.

Stella M

Capalaba Uniting Church

Fantastic webhost. Been with Ausacorp for almost 20 years and quite a few websites over time. I currently have a photography and a recipe website through Ausacorp.

Melissa S

Mouthwatering Munchies